Inclusive Learning Resources at Summer Camps

Student using clicker to plan sequence for Cubetto

Last summer we had the opportunity to bring early versions of our prototype to co-design sessions at summer camps. The invaluable feedback we received from diverse groups of learners further informed our design and development work. Each co-design session was preceded by a few days of coding tutorials led by Bridges Canada. As we look back at those experiences it felt like the ideal opportunity to highlight the resources being developed by Bridges.

As learners are being introduced to robots as part of coding curriculums, we know that those with different learning preferences are being left out of key learning experiences. Bridges has been working towards addressing this gap by developing inclusive learning resources that are designed to be paired with off-the-shelf robots.

Student learning about Cubetto

At the last summer camps students were able to code and experiment with robots such as Cubetto and Dash while being supported by these learning resources.

Aheil testing a sequence

Learners were introduced to new concepts and vocabulary in group settings using visual supports and activities.

Learners using differentiated learning materials

A wide range of learning preferences were accommodated by using multiple means of access and differentiated materials.

These resources and practices ensured that all learners had the opportunity to participate!

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